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Nature of Human Nature: The Civilized Savage Gone Wild

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“This book explores virtual reality and social networking sites, in particular Facebook to illustrate the nature of human nature and how the civilized have gone wild in front of the entire world who watch and share. The author presents the reader with an interesting view of social behavior of the 21st century by writing a fictional narrative embedded with an essay that delves into Rousseau’s civilized savage as well as amour propre and amour de soi as a means to understand this new nature of human nature in post postmodernity.”

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Human Condition in Literature: An illustration of fragmentation and reorganization

ebook cover

Six essays about the human condition in post modernist literature, using the cultural and psychological lenses as analyzing tools. The focus is on character fragmentation and attempt at reorganization. What makes the book unique is the use of lenses to narrow in and highlight the cultural and psychological phenomenon experienced by the character(s). Never read through theoretical lenses? This is your chance as the author describes the use and how implementing such a technique enriches the reader’s experience.

Copyright 2014 by Hakes Publishing

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Women in Literature: An Illustration of Oppression

ebook cover

Three essays presenting negative images of women in Latin American, Caribbean, British and American literature.

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Truth is in the “I” of the Beholder

ebook cover Truth

Philosophical essays touching upon important Spiritual issues involving Life, Meaning, Purpose, Beauty and Truth.

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