Voiceless’ Voice

Not knowing right from wrong; always searching for some sense–finding no-thing no-sense. Strained with pain–things unsaid; tongue twisted tainted distress. Vast Voiceless void of being–world of words whirled within–seeing. Spewing forth my voice; exalting resounding feeling. ~Voiceless

Welcome literature lovers! Hope you enjoy the critical responses appearing on this blog. These are essays that provide a looking glass into various diversity rich pieces that attempt to reveal “something” amiss within the world. By taking the time to read the essays, the reader will discover or rediscover wonderful books, stories or essays written by both female and male authors from around the world, both living and transcended.

Critique welcomed and embraced.

All on this blog: Copyright 2013 by Hakes Publishing

About the Author


                       Iliana C. Hakes-Martinez was born in Santiago de Cuba in 1962 and has been living in the United States since 1969. She holds a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Florida International University and a Master of Science in Education from Nova Southeastern University. Ms. Hakes-Martinez also holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, summa cum laude. The author once instructed composition as an adjunct and as a writing tutor at Miami Dade-College West. She now freelances as a non-conventional researcher, blogger, writer, editor, publisher, promoter and private learning coach from her humble home, which she shares with her beloved cats. A free-spirit and thinker, she continues her search for Truth with a capital “T.”





2 responses to “Voiceless’ Voice

  1. Hi,
    I have nominated you for the Blog of The Year 2013 award and Dragon’s Loyalty Award.
    If you wish to accept then please visit the below link to receive your nominations:

    Well done!!


  2. Vijay,
    Thank you so much. I’m quite honored.

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